Fight ADE-anxiety with NextQuest’s Techno Yoga!

Techno Yoga: Zen and Zany All in One
Imagine your team gracefully striking yoga poses, occasionally busting out impromptu dance moves, all to the rhythm of techno beats. It’s like your yoga instructor and a DJ decided to throw a shindig on your yoga mat. This is yoga with a twist, or should we say, with a twirl!

Serene Poses, Side-splitting Giggles
Yoga’s known for serenity; Techno Yoga adds the joyous chaos of techno. Its mindfulness meets dance floor madness, a unique blend that refreshes the mind and tickles the funny bone. Bored of the same office routine? Techno Yoga turns that on its head. It’s like infusing your office with the spirit of the best dance club in town, minus the neon lights (unless you insist). This is your chance to bring fun and energy to the workplace.

Why you should organise a Techno Yoga class for your company right now:

  • Techno Yoga encourages laughter and camaraderie: who can resist giggles when you’re doing yoga to a techno beat? 
  • Stress Buster with a Twist: In the corporate world, we need a good laugh. Techno Yoga blends relaxation and humour to ease stress and lighten the mood.
  • Themed Team Building: ADE 2023 is just around the corner! Chances are you or a lot of your colleagues will attend one or two ADE parties. How nice is it to do a ADE themed team building activity?

NextQuest’s Techno Yoga is the hilarious team-building activity you need, especially during ADE 2023. Get ready to laugh, groove, and bond like never before with this uproarious fusion of yoga and techno. It’s a party on your mat, and your team is on the guest list. So, put on your dancing shoes, strike a pose, and let the laughter roll at Techno Yoga!

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