Last-Minute Company Winter Event Ideas

As the winter season descends upon us, many companies find themselves eager to get together and celebrate their team’s hard work. Organising a last-minute winter event can be a rewarding challenge, especially when considering engaging and enjoyable activities for employees. Culinary workshops present an enticing option for team-building and merriment. Here are recommendations for companies seeking to host a memorable winter event at short notice:

Cocktail Workshop
Why not spice up your company’s winter event with a hands-on cocktail workshop? Gather your team for an evening of mixology mastery. Professional bartenders can guide participants through the art of crafting seasonal cocktails, allowing everyone to concoct and enjoy their festive drinks. From hot toddies to mulled wine, this workshop offers a delightful way to unwind and bond over shared libations. 

Grazing Platter Workshop
Encourage creativity and collaboration with a grazing platter workshop. Participants can learn the art of assembling visually stunning and delicious platters using a variety of cheeses, cured meats, fruits, nuts, and artisanal crackers. Not only does this activity promote teamwork, but it also results in a picturesque and delectable spread, perfect for winter gatherings. 

Sushi Workshop
Embark on a culinary journey by organising a sushi-making workshop. Sushi chefs can teach your team the intricacies of rolling sushi, from perfecting the rice to handling fresh fish and various fillings. This hands-on experience requires teamwork, precision, and a newfound appreciation for Japanese cuisine. It’s a unique and interactive way to bond while enjoying the fruits of your labour. 

Culinary Workshop
For a broader culinary experience, consider hosting a workshop that encompasses a range of dishes or cooking techniques. From baking festive treats like gingerbread cookies or yule logs to mastering hearty winter soups or global cuisines, a culinary workshop offers versatility. Participants can work together, experimenting with flavours and techniques under the guidance of skilled chefs. 

A last-minute winter event can be transformed into a remarkable experience with the right culinary workshop. Whether shaking up cocktails, creating grazing platters, rolling sushi, or exploring diverse cuisines, these activities promise to bring team bonding and holiday cheer. Embrace the festive spirit and create unforgettable memories with your team this winter!

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