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Unleash your Creativity!

Dive into the unpredictable world of improvisation and discover your colleague’s hidden talents. This highly interactive and laughter-filled experience is designed to enhance team building and foster creativity.  Through a series of fun improv exercises, you and your colleagues will develop spontaneity, communication skills, and the ability to think on your feet. All of this in a fun and supportive environment. And don’t worry. Improv is not about being funny, it is about seeing the wonder that emerges from our ordinary. 


1 hrs 30 min

Team Size



English, Dutch

Activity option

In office


Inspiration, Creativity, Collaboration & communication

What to Expect?

We will kickstart the session with engaging warm-ups, then delve into dynamic games and exercises that challenge you to think on your feet. Embrace the principle of  “Yes”, and” to enhance group collaboration and scene-building. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, our workshop promises a safe and inclusive
environment where you can freely express, make mistakes, and grow. We love mistakes!

You will leave the workshop with memories of laughter, fun and new insights about your colleagues. Join us for a transformative experience that’s as entertaining as it is enlightening!

We tailor our sessions so that everyone is able to participate regardless of experience of physical abilities.


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We are always thrilled to participate in team bonding activities organised by NextQuest! We had variety of sports classes, including yoga, boot camp, and kickboxing. The NextQuest team has excellent communication skills and is always flexible with time slots and rearrangements. We are delighted to collaborate and organize new pre-work or post-work activities together with NextQuest!



Exceptionally friendly service team, our members were delighted by the yoga classes that were organised in our office spaces. We will definitely continue working with NextQuest to provide even better experience for our members.

Yuri Kong


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