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Is your organisation struggling with a huge project? Why not turn it into a fun teambuilding opportunity as well? Turn the project into a hackathon with the help of NextQuest’s moderators. We provide an external Hackathon expert that guides the team or whole organisation through the hackathon and makes sure everything gets done in the most fun way possible!


1 day or multiple

Team Size

Up to 1000 people in teams of 4-8



Activity option



Getting things done, collaboration, gamification

What to Expect?

Most people are familiar with the concept of Hackathon. It usually entails a team focussing on one specific subject or project for a day, or sometimes more days, to finish it in the most efficient way possible. The term Hackathon originated from tech companies but it can be applied to companies in other industries as well.

Sometimes a Hackathon is also called a Tickethon. This term applies to support teams handling tickets. It’s the perfect solution in case a support team has to deal with A LOT of support tickets but motivation is in an all time low. Our Tickethon guides are sure to make all tickets go away at the end of the day and the bonus is that your employees will have fun doing it!

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online escape room

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We are always thrilled to participate in team bonding activities organised by NextQuest! We had variety of sports classes, including yoga, boot camp, and kickboxing. The NextQuest team has excellent communication skills and is always flexible with time slots and rearrangements. We are delighted to collaborate and organize new pre-work or post-work activities together with NextQuest!



Exceptionally friendly service team, our members were delighted by the yoga classes that were organised in our office spaces. We will definitely continue working with NextQuest to provide even better experience for our members.

Yuri Kong


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