High-Performance Mastery Bundle: Unleash Your Team’s Potential

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This masterclass offers three sessions, available in-person or virtually, designed to empower individuals and high-paced organizations to create effective structures for optimal results. It’s tailored for organizations looking to enhance performance and team success. Participants will work with a life coach to address daily challenges, improve individual and collective performance, and establish sustainable routines, reducing stress and enhancing results. The masterclass includes sessions on creating a high-performance lifestyle, adopting five high-performance habits, and creating a high-performing morning routine with a 30-day challenge.


6 hrs

Team Size

Min 10 max 30


English, Dutch

Activity option

In office / Virtually


Inspiration, Creativity, Mental & physical wellbeing, Gratitude

What to Expect?

This masterclass comprises three sessions that can be conducted either in-person or virtually. Its primary objective is to empower individuals to create effective structures that yield optimal results within their organizations and personal lives.

Who can benefit from this masterclass?

This program is tailored for high-paced organizations striving to enhance their performance but lacking the necessary tools to enable their teams to achieve collective success.

How will this masterclass benefit you?

During these masterclasses, our life coach will collaborate with your team to identify their daily challenges and evaluate strategies for improving both their individual and collective performance, as well as work-life balance.

By introducing methods to establish a sustainable routine, employees will experience reduced stress and overwhelm, leading to increased empowerment and improved results. Consequently, this will directly contribute to lower turnover rates, heightened workplace efficiency, and enhanced employee motivation.

Masterclasses layout:

  1. How to create a high performance lifestyle? + Follow up –  3hrs or 4 hrs
  2. The 5 high performance habits – 1 hrs
  3. How to create a high performers morning routine. A 30 day challenge – 1hrs




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