Public Speaking

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Oratory skills for Leaders

During this masterclass we’ll take your communication skills to the next level by working on your message structure, your emotions and body language.


1 hrs

Team Size

Min 10 max 30



Activity option

In office


Inspiration, leadership

What to Expect?

Why do your public speaking and oratory skills matter?

Every day, we are exposed. Every day, we are selling. It doesn’t matter if you are developing a business, promoting a service, following up with a customer, negotiating with your family, or having coffee with your friends; you are selling your ideas, expressing your emotions, or simply trying to mediate or build connections.

During this masterclass, you will learn tips & tricks of public speaking as well as get to put them into practice.


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Public Speaking

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We are always thrilled to participate in team bonding activities organised by NextQuest! We had variety of sports classes, including yoga, boot camp, and kickboxing. The NextQuest team has excellent communication skills and is always flexible with time slots and rearrangements. We are delighted to collaborate and organize new pre-work or post-work activities together with NextQuest!



Exceptionally friendly service team, our members were delighted by the yoga classes that were organised in our office spaces. We will definitely continue working with NextQuest to provide even better experience for our members.

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