Tea & chocolate pairing!

€120 / person

Chocoholic's dream

Do you love tea and chocolate? Have you ever wondered if they could be paired together? Experience the perfect union of flavors as we explore the enchanting combinations of tea and chocolate. Discover the art of pairing different tea varieties with exquisite chocolates, indulging in a sensory adventure like no other! Join us for this amazing experience with our tea guru, writer, blogger, and owner of 33 tea clubs around the world, Sergey Shevelev, and amazing chocolatier Rita, winner of International Golden Bonbon Awards and AoC award.


1 hrs 30 min

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In / Outside the office


Inspiration, Creativity, Mental & physical wellbeing, gratitude

What to Expect?

Guided Tastings: Our experts will guide you to learn about the origins, flavor profiles, and nuances of each tea and chocolate pairing.

Exploration of Tea Varieties: Sample an array of exquisite teas, delight in the diverse aromas, colors, and tastes that each tea variety has to offer.

Chocolate Delights: Discover the unique characteristics of each chocolate, including their origin, cocoa percentage, and flavor profiles.

Social and Engaging: The Tea and Chocolate Pairing experience provides a warm and convivial environment for socializing and connecting with fellow participants. Engage in conversations, share your tasting notes, and discuss your favorite combinations

Take-Home Recommendations: As the experience concludes, you’ll receive a curated list of recommended teas and chocolates, allowing you to continue the exploration at home.


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