The Monuments Mission: an online game for remote teams

Starting at €290 for 10 players

A Competitive Online Treasure Hunt!

Go on an exhilarating online adventure made by expert game developers known for their exceptional team-building activities. Dive into a thrilling quest where teams unravel clues, crack perplexing puzzles, and undertake daring missions in a race to recover Europe’s most precious artworks stolen by the Nazis.


1hrs 30 min

Team Size

Min. 10



Activity option



Teambuilding, fun, entertainment

What to Expect?

How it works

Guided by one of our skilled Game Masters (an actual person!), participants receive expert assistance, valuable hints, and enticing rewards for winning! Secure your spot now to experience firsthand what countless teams from industry giants such as Google, Netflix, and Facebook have hailed as the ultimate team-building experience!

Whether you assemble your own team or opt for random assignments, the interactive game unfolds seamlessly over popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Teams, or others, without the need for any downloads.


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The Monuments Mission: an online game for remote teams

Starting at €290 for 10 players

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