Team Building Trends of 2024


As we step into 2024, organisations are constantly seeking innovative and engaging ways to create stronger bonds among their teams. This has led to the emergence of various team building trends that prioritise collaboration, communication, and creativity. Among these trends, four notable activities have taken the spotlight: office mini golf, office scavenger hunts, cocktail workshops, and baking workshops. You’re in luck because NextQuest offers all four of these activities! You don’t want to miss out on these trends so please read along!

Office Mini Golf
In 2024, the concept of team building has evolved beyond conventional methods, and activities like office mini golf have gained immense popularity. Transforming the workspace into a miniature golf course not only injects a playful spirit but also encourages teamwork and strategizing. Book your office mini golf right here.

Office Scavenger Hunt
The resurgence of office scavenger hunts (also called office treasure hunts) in 2024 has revolutionised traditional team building exercises. Beyond the mere search for items, these hunts now involve complex puzzles, riddles, treasures and clues strategically placed throughout the office space. This trend encourages effective communication, critical thinking, and quick decision-making within teams. Book your office scavenger hunt right here.

Cocktail Workshop
In a shift towards more interactive and social team building activities, cocktail workshops have become a prevalent trend in 2024. These workshops not only provide a platform for team members to unwind but also serve as an avenue for learning new skills and fostering connections. Colleagues engage in mixology sessions, experimenting with various ingredients and techniques to craft unique cocktails. Of course it’s also possible to make non-alcoholic cocktails for those colleagues that have a dry january. Book your cocktail workshop right here.

Baking Workshop
The aroma of freshly baked goods has found its way into team building trends, as baking workshops gain traction in 2024. Encouraging creativity and collaboration, these workshops allow teams to explore their culinary talents while working together to create delectable treats. From decorating cakes to mastering intricate recipes, colleagues bond over the joy of baking. Book your baking workshop right here.

Start 2024 off right
As workplaces continue to evolve, the essence of effective team dynamics remains paramount. The teambuilding trends of 2024, including office mini golf, office scavenger hunts, cocktail workshops, and baking workshops, encapsulate the shift towards more engaging, collaborative, and experiential activities. These trends prioritise not only professional growth but also the creation of strong, interconnected teams capable of overcoming challenges together. 

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